George R. Williams' Memorial Carousel at the Rides at City Park in Pueblo, CO

History: This carousel was originally built by the C. W. Parker company in 1911 for the Exposition & Amusement Company in Missouri. The 12 outside row horses were carved by Solomon Stein & Harry Goldstein (S&G)  in the Coney Island style. This classic wooden carousel has 3 rows with 36 horses, 1 chariot and 1 spinning lovers’ tub.  It plays a 1920 Wurlitzer 146A Band Organ. 

In 1914, it was sold to the Lake  Minnequa Amusement Park in Pueblo.  After the amusement park closed in 1939, it became the property of Pueblo Parks.  In 1957, George R. Williams headed a group of concerned citizens to raise money for the restoration of the C.W. Parker #72 carousel and Wurlitzer band organ.  At the current location since 1940, it was restored and reopened in 1985.  

On July 25, 2018 the carousel was renamed the George R. Williams’ Memorial Carousel.

Awards: In 1983, it was listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.

Unique Figures: Armored Horse, Rose Horse Trio, spinning tub

Directions: 800 Goodnight Ave. Pueblo, CO 81005

Phone:  719-566-1745 

Hours: Memorial Day through Labor Day (Closed Mondays) TWT 6pm-9pm; FSS 5pm-9pm

Prices: $0.25

Website: Rides at City Park

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