Colorado Carousels

Come along with me on a journey across Colorado to visit its many historic and modern carousels. 

In early 2018, I decided to learn more about the history of carousels and their impact on American culture.  The most fun was seeing those in Colorado for myself and riding on the beautiful hand-carved  sculptures.  A special thanks to my husband who came along on several trips reluctantly at first, but after seeing them first-hand gained a greater appreciation for them also.  I want to share these unique treasures with you and your family (each is listed on the Locations page) and to encourage you to go ride a piece of history! 

If you would like to learn more about carousel history and see additional photos of the carousels in Colorado, then plan to attend one of my campfire talks this summer*.         

                            *May 25, 2024 & Aug. 16, 2024 — at Lathrop State Park

In previous years, I have been at the following state parks: Lathrop State Park in Walsenburg, CO;  Eleven Mile State Park in Lake George, CO; Mueller State Park  in Divide, CO; Cheyenne Mountain State Park in Colorado Springs, CO.


Christa Penn is a member of the National Carousel Association which is dedicated to preserving and restoring operating carousels in the U.S. and Canada.


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